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Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care


The Festive Season is here, and winter has already set in! This is a time when our hair needs to look its very best, despite the cold weather outside. As the mercury dips, it’s not only your extremities that suffer – your hair takes a battering too. While you may not be able to control the temperature outside let’s discuss a few important tips that you can control. This way your hair will have the right tools and preparation in dealing with the harsh, dry winter weather.

A Good Offense is the Best Defense – Goes without saying a hat or scarf is a must in cold weather. Remember not to wear too tightly as to limit circulation and cause abrasion to the hair and scalp. Wearing a head covering for long periods can cause sweat that leads to scalp irritation. Ensure to use an anti dandruff shampoo to prevent unnecessary flakes.

An Apple a Day – With the festive season comes all the delicious holidays and get togethers and parties. The colder season is a much more carb filled one compared to summertime. Not to say you shouldn’t partake in such gluttonous events. It’s important to remember to balance with nutrient rich foods. Be consciously aware of what goes in your body and know when to put the pie down.

Warm but not Hot Water – Very few things feel better than a hot shower on a cold day. But it’s important to remember regular hot water does not benefit your hair, skin & scalp. Hot Water is one of the best dehydrates. Limit your hair washing to once or twice a week. It’s also important to use a good hair oil to re-infuse your hair’s natural oils.

Stress is the Enemy – With the winter months comes Seasonal Effectiveness Disorder, along with darker & colder months. It is very easy to find yourself going down the rabbit hole especially with Christmas expenses & all-around end of year stress. It is important to find activities that balance out your stress levels and keep you centered. Unmitigated stress can cause havoc on all aspects of your health not just your hair & scalp quality. Just another reason to add a gym membership to your Christmas list.

Following these quick & easy steps can keep your hair looking full & stylish. For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!