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How to Keep Your Beard Healthy

Having a healthy beard goes far beyond growing one. Growing a beard is the easy part, keeping it healthy and manageable is where the true test of will comes into play! Treat your beard with the respect it deserves. By following these simple easy guidelines, you can have a strong & grizzly looking beard for life.

  1. Wash & Clean. Sounds simple enough, right? Need to remember that beards are made up of hair & hair requires meticulous upkeep. You don’t want to find yesterday’s barbecue sauce deep in the brush. Washing and lathering your beard 2-3 times a week coupled with a moisturizing shampoo will keep it shining & fit to seize the day.
  2. Dry Properly. It is an initial impulse to quickly and forcefully dry your hair. But frequently doing this can create optimal conditions for split ends to form. Split ends can lead to a haggardly rough beard. It is best to let the beard dry naturally with a gentle patting to assist. Just like when it is growing, the key is patience.
  3. Oil Replacement. 2 words, Beard Oil. The above cleaning process is only half of the equation. Shampoo & conditioning removes the body’s natural oils. Use natural oils to reinvigorate that awesome beard shine.
  4. Proper Maintenance. It is said no job is difficult with the right tool. Beard maintenance should not be any different. A great beard needs the right gear. The right beard liner/trimmer coupled with regularly sharpened hair scissors are an absolute must in beard upkeep.
  5. Proper Diet & Exercise. It is important to remember that what goes in the body is used by the body. If you input junk foods, you will get junk results. Maintaining a well-balanced diet generally tends to promote healthy hair & skin. Once a day multi-vitamins can also assist when it becomes difficult to maintain a diet. If you want a thick great looking beard, you need to eat well, exercise & get enough sleep.

Following these 5 simple & easy to remember tips will keep that beard looking happy & healthy. For more tips visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!