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How to deal with Hat Hair

How to Deal with Hat Hair

                As we enter fall season and the fast approaching winter months, there are going to be inescapable days where you just can’t avoid wearing a hat. Hat hair can lead to less volume, frizzy & frazzled looking hair with a sprinkle of electrostatic twist. In today’s discussion we will advise of a few prevention and treatment options for dealing with the effects of hat hair.

Dry your hair – Putting a hat on wet hair is the enemy of maintaining its control. Doing so will cause your hair to flatten out and take the shape of your hat. Wet hair is much like wet sand in the sense of your head will look like a castle after taking off your hat. To avoid this it is best to allow your hair to dry naturally. If you are short on time use a dryer coupled with a diffuser to maintain volume.

Moisturize & Condition – Adding a small amount of leave in conditioner before wearing a hat is combative to the static that can arise. Use your fingers to comb the leave in conditioner in your hair.

 Match Your Style to Your Hat – The age old saying stays true, if you can’t beat them, join them. Play with styles that are complimented by hats. Braids & wavy styles are great styles to pair

Choosing the Right Hat – Synthetic material hats are the ideal situations for static & frizz. It is better to stick with primarily cotton or wool hats. The style of hat also plays a big role. Beanies touques & trappers usually flatten your hair and limit breathing. Berets however, play a lighter less clingy role to hair and do not cause as much impact to your hair.

The Right Tools for the Right Job – If you anticipate having to wear a hat for an extended period it’s best to keep some products to assist you maintain flare. A light texturizing powder can restore body. Keeping some hair spray and moisturizer can also help restore your hair appeal.

Following these quick & easy steps can keep your hair looking full & stylish. For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!