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Growing Hair Out

In the mid to late 20th century, chin to shoulder length hair was a common look for men. Recent pop culture trend would show that this hairstyle is making a popular return to mainstream culture. Growing your hair is labor in love & patience. This is a long term goal that doesn’t happen overnight. But how do you grow your hair out properly, to ensure that it looks healthy, full, and vibrant? The following tips will prepare you for the long road ahead.

Know Your Goal & Stay Focused – The journey ahead is going to be monotonous & awkward at first. You will still need to make visits for haircuts, you want to grow an organized, shaped look. Not doing so can quickly devolve into a wilder look. Make sure you keep your stylist in the loop for your goal. They will use that information plus your hair type and face shape to create a cut that looks good now and while getting longer. A trim every 2-3 months to deal with damaged ends should suffice.

Grow the Top First – It takes longer for hair growth at the top to be noticeable when compared to the sides and back. There are lots of different short to medium style haircuts to get you through this phase. Hair grows approximately 1 inch every 2 months. Use this as a gauge to how long you want your look to get.

Proper Shampoo/Conditioner Use – Many hair care professionals recommend skipping shampoo outright. This isn’t always possible especially for those who get visibly greasy after a short period of time. Try to scale back to once or twice a week of shampoo use. Try switching to a dry shampoo, these are ideal for medium to long hair length. Conditioner is a must for long hair. Use conditioner on the ends & shampoo at the scalp. Don’t use hot water to wash out.

The Right Product for the Right Job - As your hair length increases so should the tools you use.  Longer hair requires lighter products that can hold & shape while avoiding weighing down. Focus on leave in conditoners & grooming pomades. For medium to long hair.

Hair Ties & Patience – At some point long hair length becomes tiresome to organize so remember to tie it back. There are so many cool looks to try from the half bun to half ponytail to braids and ponytails. Invest in a good quality band & avoid using rubber. Most important of all is to be patient. Hair growth is a journey & part of the journey is the end. The purpose of the journey is to educate & give sufficient time to practice managing your desired long hairstyle.

For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!