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Spring Hair Care

Spring Hair Care

This past winter was especially unique as it was the only winter in recent memory that felt like it lasted a year. However, now it seems like we are finally out of that cold dark tunnel as the days get longer and the temperatures rise higher every day. With that said, it’s finally time to start thinking about spring and our next seasonal change. Let’s discuss a few hair care tips to start this season with the right look.

Start with a Trim – The cold dry air in winter has more than likely taken a toll on your strands. First things first, snip off the dead ends.  We're not talking a major cut: just a small trim to take off all the dry, split ends and make hair look and feel healthy.

Switch Shampoo & Conditioners – Most hair care professionals recommend using a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner combo for the cold dry winter months. With spring comes humidity, moisture & warmth, so it’s only prudent to switch your hair care products to those that don’t oversaturate your hair with moisture that can lead to frizz.

April Showers Brings April Frizz – In winter the goal was to limit exposure to dry cold air. In spring, the goal is combat humidity and over saturating moisture in hair which can lead to frizz. Try using an anti-humidity spray which can act as a real game-changer in the war against frizz.

Heat for Straight Hair – Investing in the right tool for the right job is highly recommended in any endeavor. Hair care tools that emit heat are instrumental to keeping your hair looking smooth. Not just blow dryers and straighteners but curling irons as well. These can help define ringlets which ward off frizz.

When in Doubt, Adopt a Rainy Day Style – Just as the sun rises, April showers are an unstoppable inevitability. Try playing around with different styles that fit your look especially if you have longer hair. Ponytails, braids & top-knots are a short list of hair-dos examples. They take seconds to create and can hold for hours.

For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!