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Movember Care

It’s that time of the year again!! Moustaches in November, or as it is more commonly known, Movember. It is a symbol that has quickly spread throughout the world in support of men’s health charities & awareness. These charities focus on supporting men’s health specifically in prostate & testicular cancer, mental health, and diet & exercise. Once you have selected the style & shape you want to produce you will need a regular regimen to keep that stache’ looking sophisticated & trendy. Follow these steps to treat that moustache with the respect it deserves.

Cleanse the Stache, Cleanse the Soul – At the core of it all, a moustache is just specifically groomed hair. With that said, you can choose to wash it with any quality facial cleanser. If you’re strapped for cash shampoo works just as well. Apply hot water to soften the hair bristles. This action also opens up your facial pores and that’s where the cleanser comes into play. Use a circular motion to massage out any dirt and overabundant oils, wash out thoroughly once done.

Maybe he’s Born with it, Maybe it’s Moisturizer – After a thorough cleaning, it is best to reinvigorate your skin & hairs oils. Pat dry after the above cleanse and apply a quality aftershave lotion. This is especially important in months like November due to increasing cold & its effects on drying out skin & hair.

Trim & Snip – It is highly recommended to invest in a good quality grooming kit. Wearing any type of facial hair requires meticulous upkeep, this is important if you want to prevent that moustache from getting out of control. Once you have found your style make sure to trim unruly hairs and maintain shape and texture.

Right Product for the Right Job – If you are in it for the long haul it is recommended to invest in beard products such as beard oils, creams, waxes & washes. Each moustache is different, finer hair staches can mostly get away with regular hair products. Bristlier moustaches would discover a finer appreciation for such products. They can tame even the most tenacious facial hairs.

Following these quick & easy steps can keep your moustache looking full & stylish. For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!