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Chlorine Damaged Hair

Chlorine Damaged Hair

It’s that time of the year again, summer time! This means barbecues, swimming pools and good times. That first dive into a nice pool on a hot day is something we all look forward to experiencing. With that excitement it’s easy to forget the damage chlorine can have on your hair & scalp. Chlorine is a disinfectant commonly used in pools to kill off bacteria and foreign variables to leave the water safe and clean for a swim. It’s basically a less intense bleach. Short intermittent dips in the pool are unlikely to damage your hair. However, regular contact in the pool with chlorine can lead to damaged hair.

Chlorine is very efficient at stripping away your hair’s natural oils leaving it dry & frail. Furthermore, they can potentially damage the cuticle of the hair as well. Numerous swims if left untreated is an ideal recipe for hair weakness & brakeage. We will go over a life hacks to lessen the effect of the swimming pool on your hair.

Pre-soaking: We all remember going to the pool in school and the teachers and lifeguards telling us to wash off under the shower before going in the pool. Your hair is like a sponge and if you let it absorb fresh water, it will limit the amount of pool water that could be absorbed.

Swimmer’s Cap: Ever notice the cap swimmer’s use during the Olympics and professional swimming events? That’s because professional athletes are well versed in long recurring exposure to pool water. A swimmer’s cap can significantly prevent chlorine damage to your hair. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s lightweight and breathable.

Post-soaking / Shampoo & Conditioning: It is imperative you wash out the pool water from your hair and skin as soon as you leave the pool. Otherwise, it can easily dry up leaving chlorine and salt residue. Use a shampoo that clarifies your hair by stripping the chlorine residue off the scalp and hair shaft. Follow this with a moisturizing conditioner to replenish the PH level back to normal such as “Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Conditioner.

Natural Oils: Applying natural oils, such as coconut oil has been shown to prevent protein loss. Speaking of protein loss, cracking an egg on the scalp has been shown to reinvigorate the scalp. After all, eggs are essentially pure protein!

All these preventative measures can turn the tide on the war for Chlorine damaged hair. For more tips visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!