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Fall Hair Care

Fall Hair Care

The ending of the summer months also signals the end of the hot humid summer days. The transition to cooler fall weather brings dry, cold air. These conditions can make your hair dry & brittle. With cooler weather also brings windy days. The combinations of these weather changes, if left unchecked, can turn your hairstyle into an unmanageable mess. You can follow the next steps to limit the impact of the new fall weather.

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair – A common mistake most people make is washing your hair too often. The general rule of thumb is to limit hair washing to every other day. This would ensure your essential hair oils are not stripped away on a regular basis. Regular stripping of hair oils can cause a dry unhealthy scalp. This effect is further compounded if hot water is consistently used.

New Season, New Hairdo – A summer spent in the sun can leave your hair dry damaged. Depending on your hair length, the higher the risk of hair breakages as well. Most hairstylists recommend a trim every 6-12 weeks depending on length and style. Take this as an opportunity to try out a new style.

Cut the Heat, Enjoy the Cold – Avoid overexposing your hair and scalp to too much heat. That means limiting time spent with the hairdryer. Let your hair dry naturally, it takes longer but it’s overall better for your hair. Always make sure to keep the low heat setting as well. Conversely, instead of taking a hot shower, take a cold or luke-warm one instead. Hot water is the enemy of a healthy scalp & hair due to its oil stripping effects.

Use Less Product & Stay Healthy – Gel, wax & spray should be used sparingly in your hair to maintain peak healthiness. Overusing products can lead to additional dryness. Furthermore, your hair is a reflection of your health. Eat well, drink lots of water, get plenty of exercise, sleep well & stay positive.

For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!