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How to manage greasy hair?

Remember the first time you saw the movie Grease and thought to yourself, wow those characters have very greasy hair! You are not alone, the look of the greased back hair has not been in style since the 50s and 60s. The shift in hair care has moved onto the management and treatment of greasy hair. In this discussion, we will cover a few hair care tips for men to manage oil build up & provide some much-needed insight into the origins of oily scalp.

Genetic Predisposition – We are all not cut from the same cloth. Some of us, unfortunately, tend to have overactive oil glands. The rule of thumb is usually if you have oily skin, you will most likely have oily hair. This is due to the sebaceous glands that govern your skin’s natural oil, tend to not be localized. If it is on one spot, it tends to be on every spot. Oily hair is not necessarily a bad thing, it is a crucial component to maintaining happy healthy hair. Dry hair becomes brittle and fragile and can lead to simple breaks. The key is finding that right balance. Try to use a shampoo like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo with gentle cleansing effects. Using a harsh shampoo can lead to overt stripping of the hair’s natural oils. This will lead to your body naturally working overtime to replace the shampoo’s effect.

Hair Density – This one applies general math. The more hair you have, the more area your body oils have to cover. The less hair you have, the less area your body has to cover. As a result, shorter hairstyles tend to be prime environments for greasy hair build up. The treatment for this again is finding the right balance in hair length, hair style & proper consistent shampoo & conditioner treatment to combat overt greasy buildup.

Proper Shower & Drying – Over washing your hair tricks your body into overproduction of its natural oils. It is recommended to wash your hair every 2-3 days to maintain oil balance. Blow drying with cool air after pat trying your hair prevents your body signals to activate your sebaceous glands. Straightening your hair with hot air activates glands for oil production.

Stress – Everyone’s favorite bodily function to throw everything into disarray. Lack of sleep is a prime example whether it be a new parent weathering the storm of a newborn or a student pulling all-nighters to ace their exams. Ever notice those 2 demographics have similar hair types! Treatment for this is as simple as introducing relaxation practices specific to the individual. Meditation, exercise, the great outdoors & even something simple as full body stretching can have significant beneficial impacts to stress reduction. Chances are you will feel better and your hair appearance will match your feelings.

Educating yourself on the origin, treatment & maintenance of oily hair can help you combat the greaser look and get back to your normal beautiful self. For more tips, visit any one of our locations and our guy smart stylists will be all too happy to assist with any further questions you may have!